Ann O'Connor
Jewellery, Porcelain

Born: Brisbane, Queensland.
Resides: Mt. Glorious, Queensland.

Artist Information

"I see boats as a metaphor for migration. This idea was inspired by my grandparents, from both sides of my family, who migrated from the UK last century. As a child I loved playing with the trunks and suitcases they travelled with and would imagine travelling across the sea in a ship. I thought it was a very romantic notion. Now I am an adult I realise how brave they were to leave all their family and their culture behind to contribute to the melting pot of Australia. This bravery is shown by all the peoples from the Aborigines onwards who have come to Australia to make it their home. Their many cultures make our nation what it is today."

Ann O'Connor was born in Brisbane in 1943. Marrying from school, family life occupied her time until 1968 when she commenced private art classes. In 1971 Ann began a course of external study with the Australian Flying Arts School and by 1975 was working with painter Gil Jamieson (on experiments with etching), when he was artist in residence at the Capricornia Institute of Advanced Education in Rockhampton. From this Ann entered full-time study and graduated in 1978 with a Diploma of Teaching, majoring in art (etching).The CIAE bought 3 of her etchings for their collection.

In 1979 she won an award for the highest academic achievement in her diploma and started working in Primary Schools. During this time she researched and published a developmental art programme for primary schools which became adopted by many Central Queensland schools. Still seeking art education, Ann completed a 3 year part-time certificate course in Studio ceramics at Rockhampton TAFE College, graduating in 1989 with a Meritorious Achievement Award.
In 1993 along with her husband, Gerry, she set up a studio outside Brisbane where they both became full-time artists; Ann also training in silversmithing and jewellery making at Goldsmith's School, Brisbane.

Ann's obvious verve for art has led her to 2 main areas of work in porcelain sculptures and jewellery and sometimes combining the two. Her art is ever-evolving drawing from natural inspirations, literature and often her own sense of joy. Her jewellery manages to be modern and eye-catching, yet still classical which carries through into her sculptural works which have a preciousness frequently enhanced by the subtle use of gold lustres.


Australian Flying Arts School travelling exhibition (painting)

Central Queensland University Student exhibition (etching)

Gallery 5, Rockhampton

Gallery 5, Rockhampton

Gallery 5, Rockhampton

Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane (with National Ceramics Conference)

Gallery 5, Rockhampton

Arts in the Park, Rockhampton

Centre Gallery, Mackay

Queensland Crafts Council Gallery, Brisbane

Struggletown Gallery, NSW

Mura Clay Gallery, Sydney

Vision Arts Gallery, Milton, Brisbane

Queensland College of the Arts, Brisbane

Goldsmith's School Jewellery Exhibition, Brisbane

Queensland Potters Association, Fusions Gallery, Brisbane

Hang-Ups Gallery, Brisbane

Contemporary Art and Design Gallery, Brisbane

Arte Pordenone Art Expo, Italy

Tony Gill Galleries, Montville

HangUps Gallery, Brisbane

Redcliffe City Council
15 Artists

Noosa Regional Gallery
"Works of Imagination"

National Ceramics Conference Brisbane

Pine Rivers travelling exhibition
"Beyond Diamonds" Pine Rivers Art Awards
Retropective Exhibition

Moreton Bay Regional Council
Invitational Talent Pool Exhibition

Sunshine Coast
"Ignition Awards of Excellence"

Moreton Bay Regional Art Awards

Moreton Bay Regional Art Collection
"I Know what I Like" exhibition

Pine Rivers Gallery
"Time to Shine" exhibition

Marks & Gardner gallery
"Ceramics 2009"

Moreton Bay Art Awards

Moreton Bay Art Awards

Redcliffe City Gallery
"Across the Threshold" exhibition

Pine Rivers Gallery
"Beyond Diamonds" exhibition

Fusions Gallery
"New Directions" members exhibition

Art on Cairncross, Maleny
"Vessels of Change" exhibition


Pine Rivers Art Awards
Grand Prize & 1st Prize ceramics

Pine Rivers Art Awards
1st Prize 3D

Moreton Bay Region Art Awards
1st Prize 3D

Sunshine Coast Art Prize
Finalist 3D

Since 1979 Ann has won many awards for her art, predominantly with her ceramic works. She has been published in many articles including 2 issues of 'Pottery in Australia', several issues of 'The Brisbane News' and in 'Craftlink'. Ann has works in several public collections including Central Queensland University Collection and the John Paul College Collection in Brisbane and in private collections across Australia, New Zealand, England, France, Japan, Norway and the United States.

"Vessels of Change"
June 2012
Art on Cairncross

"Vessels of Change II"
November 2013
Art on Cairncross

Ann O'Connor is a finalist in the Sunshine Coast Art Prize 3D for 2013.

"Vessels of Change"


Ann O'Connor

June 2 to 17, 2012

Was our first exhibition by this very talented Queensland artist.

Works still available appear here.

Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to contact the gallery for prices of these works.

"On the Wharf"
White clay, slips, glaze, gold lustre, brass

46cm long x 20cm wide x 34cm high
Vessels of Change exhibition

"Barge from Spain"
Terra Cotta, white clay, glaze

42cm long x 14cm wide x 33cm high
Vessels of Change exhibition

"Falling Flower"
Clay, porcelain, glaze, lustre

5.5cm long x 5.5cm wide x 10cm high
Vessels of Change exhibition

"Lily Pods"
Clay, porcelain, glaze, lustre

5.5cm long x 5.5cm wide x 10cm high
Vessels of Change exhibition

"Bird Migration I & II"
White clay, Hand carved, wood

Each - 10cm wide x 23cm high
Vessels of Change exhibition

"Birds over the Forest"
White clay, Hand carved, wood

10cm wide x 16cm high
Vessels of Change exhibition

Other works by Ann O'Connor not in exhibition

"Mountain Village - Window to the Community - Pineapple Farm"
Ceramic and Granite base
Each 46cm tall

"Detail - Mountain Village"
Ceramic and Granite base
46cm tall

"Rainforest Bowls"
Carved Ceramic on Timber base
15cm tall x 30cm long x 20cm deep

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