James Lamar
Ceramic, Steel, Techno Sculpture

Artist Information
James Lamar Petersonís studio is like a cross between a scrapyard and a taxidermistís workshop. Sculpted bird carcasses are lined up, row after row, bellies up, while their welded claws are stranded on a separate bench.

Nearby is a messy tip of computer innards, old radios, wires and printers. In effect , this is the palette James uses for the extraordinary techno sculptures he creates out of discarded electronics.

From his moody oxidised ceramic birds and animals to the cyber-structures shaped like living things, Jamesí creations as a professional sculptor are as far removed from each other as his new life is from his old.

For before discovering he might want to be a professional artist at about forty, when he took a few art classes in Perth, James had been a research psychologist and psychology lecturer and teacher.

While the initial few years as a semi-professional artist were lean, James has no doubts that he has made the right choice.

These days, his days works are exhibited in galleries through-out Australia.

Recent exhibtions and awards

March 2011

Invited artist
"15 Artists"
Redcliffe Regional Gallery 2011

Feature artist
"One for the Birds"
March 2012

Feature artist

October 2013
James Lamar Peterson was the feature artist at Art on Cairncross for October 2013.
His work was shown with the watercolours of John McVeigh-Brown.

Below are a selection of the artists work:

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"Budgie Smugglers"
68cm high x 33cm x 35cm

"Sweet As"
45cm high x 45cm x 45cm

"Generation Y?"
Ceramic and Steel
63cm high

"The Knitting Circle"
Ceramic and Steel
30cm high

"Who do you Love"
Ceramic and Steel
48cm high

Ceramic and Steel
62cm high x 35cm x 35cm

"Can you keep a Secret"
25cm high

"Four and Twenty"
Ceramic and Steel
35cm high x 35 x 25

"Who invited the Fish ?"
52cm high x 28cm x 29cm

"Cocks in Jocks"
39cm high

"Fish Trap"
Ceramic and Steel
28cm high x 37cm x 25cm

"Blue Cow"
30cm high

"Charlie and Friend"
32cm high and 18cm high

Ceramic and Steel
38cm high

"Large Egret"
Ceramic and Steel
70cm high

"Grey Heron"
Ceramic and Steel
42cm high

Ceramic and Steel
45cm high

Ceramic & Steel
up to 43cm high

"Sulphur Crested Cockatoos"
Ceramic & Steel
up to 40cm high

10cm high

Ceramic & Steel
15cm to 25cm

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