Lisa Fearnley

Born: New South Wales.
Resides: Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Artist Information
Lisa Fearnley was born in New South Wales, but moved to Queensland during her childhood. From schooldays she showed a fascination with jewellery and sculpture and she went on to complete a three year Diploma course in gold and silver smithing, drawing and sculpture at the Seven Hills College of Art. Graduating with a Diploma of Fine Art in 1979 her time became devoted to her young family, but also connected to the music industry which highlighted another creative talent in singing. Known for her wonderful voice around the Sunshine Coast, Lisa did not lose her passion for fine jewellery or drawing and in 1987 won the Inaugural L.J. Hooker Award for drawing. This proved to be a a great boost for her career providing encouragement and recognition for her detailed style.

Lisa was commissioned to create many fine, original jewellery designs and in 1998 was invited to exhibit in the USA. This in turn led to many further commissions of works and established her name as a jeweller of distinction.
Most of Lisa'a works are commissioned, but she has a range of beautifully crafted silver rings and pendants depicting naked figures, and simply elegant earrings and pendants often incorporating opals. She has produced stage jewellery for several films by invitation allowing for some innovative and extremely eye-catching pieces.

Below are a selection of the artists work:

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"Leopard Pendant"
Amethyst, Leopard Jasper and Sterling Silver

"Agate Pendant"
Agate and Sterling Silver

"Opal Pendant"
Boulder Opal and Sterling Silver

"Triangle Agate Pendant"
Agate and Sterling Silver

"Female Pendant in Gold or Silver"

"Male Pendant in Silver or Gold"

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