Lynne Fellowes
Mixed Media

Born: New Zealand.
Resides: Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Artist Information
Lynne Fellowes was born in New Zealand and whilst she has had no formal art training, she worked for many years as a photographer and freelance journalist, through which she could express herself artistically.
Her award winning photographs were exhibited in New Zealand, Australia and as far as South Africa, Japan and the USA. In 1985 she was commissioned to produce a series of works for a new women's medical centre in Indiana, USA.
Today Lynne is recognised for her imaginative and expressive collages. Moving to Queensland in the 1990s she attended several paper and fibre arts workshops. The lure of handmaking paper from raw plant fibres and then incorporating found objects or other textures into it so captured her imagination, that Lynne worked avidly with many different mediums to create evocative framed artworks, many especially commissioned.
Her creative drive has definitely not stood still. From paper collage belly masks, through free form wood shavings and paper works to handmade books in a variety of media, her art has evolved.
Her focus has also encompassed assembled artworks predominantly using weathered timber, aged signs and rural 'debris' brought together to depict aspects of the Australian landscape and to reflect the intrinsic connection between the natural environment and the creative environment.
Currently her focus has returned to papermaking and also incorporates her artbook skills and love of found objects to create treasure boxes. These are hand-made paper boxes tailored to house both made and found objects along a theme and therefore telling a story.
Recent travels around Australia and through Asia have greatly broadened her horizons and allowed for the discovery of formerly elusive sights, materials and items to build from.
Such a variety of work does not allow for categorising and Lynne has been alternately described as an artist in paper fibre, mixed media, collage, sculpture and more, but truthfully is an expressive artist utilising whatever materials she can make or find that are appropriate to convey her feelings about the subject. Over the past few years she has gained much attention especially within her home region, including invitations to display at Noosa Regional Gallery on many occasions and has gathered awards as well as several scholarships over consecutive years for different styles of work. Through Flying Arts Regional Touring exhibitions, many Queenslanders have been able to experience her artistic abilities. Lynne Fellowes' artworks can be found in private collections across Australia and in New Zealand, Japan, the UK, Germany, the USA and Singapore.

Below are a selection of the artists work:

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“Into the Fold”
Handmade Box

“Little Box of Stories”
Hand Made Box / Found Objects

“Little Red Box”
Hand Made Box / Found Objects

Hand Made Box / Found objects

“Smiling Buddha”
Hand Made Cubed Boxes / Antique Buddha

“Sorry Book”
Hand Made & Paper Book

"The Complete Works"
Restyled Book

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