Michael Taylor
Leather Masks

Born: Burlingame, California, U.S.A. Resides: S.E. Queensland

Artist Information

Michael Taylor's exquisite leather masks have gained acclaim across the world and have become particular favourites of clients at Art on Cairncross (formerly through Tony Gill Galleries of Montville).

Michael Taylor was born in Burlingame, California and has been sculpting leather masks since 1978. His background also includes a degree in marine biology (as well as Fine Art) and extensive yacht-based journies around the world from which come some of Michael's greatest inspirations. He was acclaimed for his masks particularly in New Orleans, Los Angeles and San Francisco where he continued to sell his work even after moving to Australia in 1992. In 1995 Michael was persuaded to exhibit in his new homeland at the Tony Gill Galleries (now Art on Cairncross). Since that initial success, Michael has gained national recognition through many exhibitions including an unprecedented regional galleries touring exhibition which was seen in 21 regions of Australia and major solo exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. His unique masks have been shown and admired as widely as Japan and Switzerland and acquired by artlovers worldwide. Each of the leather masks is a unique artwork hand-crafted solely by Michael. Michael's fascination with sculpture has also led him into very different artistic areas away from the masks. His substantial sculptural works in bronze, steel or other media have been invited into such prestigious events as "Sculpture By The Sea", Sydney and "Gold Coast Jupiter's Prize for Sculpture" as well as procuring commissions for public artworks from the Gold Coast City Council and the Townsville City Council. Michael's latest masks re-inforce his status with an enthralling range of increasingly imaginative mask sculptures, each a work of sustaining beauty.

Recent exhibitions

April 2011
Character Lines

August 2013
Feature Artist

August 2014
Feature Artist

A STATEMENT REGARDING COPIES OF MICHAEL'S MASKS; " Three mask designs were commissioned, manufactured and distributed by a company overseas for promotional purposes. These three masks are made of painted fibreglass and have now been sold worldwide. The one-of-a-kind leather masks, on the other hand, are created by Michael in his studio in South East Queensland."

Michael Taylor is the feature artist at Art on Cairncross from August 9th to 31st, 2014.

There will be newly cast bronze masks as part of this feature.

New leather masks and bronze masks now appear on this page.

Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to contact the gallery for prices of Michael's work.

"Acacia - Greek - Eternal"
Bronze Mask
100cm high x 70cm wide

"Ambrosine - Latin - Immortal"
Bronze Mask
80cm high x 75cm wide

"Giotta - Italian - Immortal"
Bronze Mask
50cm high x 30cm wide

"Cinzia - Italian - Mythological Mood Goddess"
Leather Mask
70cm high x 75cm wide

"Pierretta - French - Flickering Flame"
Leather Mask
60cm high x 60cm wide

"Emalia - Latin - Flirt"
Leather Mask
115cm high x 35cm wide

"Cha Usiku - Swahili - Born at Night"
Leather Mask
70cm high x 79cm wide

"Eathelin - Old English - Noble Waterfall"
Leather Mask
70cm high x 60cm wide

"Adalia - Old Teutonic - Noble One"
Leather Mask
95cm high x 35cm wide

"Alula - Arabic - First Born"
Leather Mask
75cm high x 65cm wide

"Catori - Native American (Hopi) - Spirit"
Leather Mask
85cm high x 65cm wide

"Argia - Italian - Bright, Patches of Light"
Leather Mask
75cm high x 67cm wide

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