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Painting - Watercolours

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Paul Ching-Bor started learning about watercolour as a child in primary school in China. He continued his art studies in art schools and art centres before entering two different art universities where he studied sculpture and art and ceramic design (at the Ceramic Institute of Jing De-Zhen in South East China). After two years, it seemed unlikely he would ever have the opportunity to develop his own style and create his own original works, so he decides to leave the country. He emigrated to Australia, and established himself in Sydney where he launched his career as a professional artist, working mostly in watercolour. In 1990 his work was noticed, and he held solo exhibitions in Sydney and Melbourne. almost since the time of his arrival he has done well in art competitions, winning awards and scholarships, including the prestigious Camberwell Rotary Club Travelling Scholarship, which allowed him to travel through 11 countries in Europe. Later, the Mercedes Benz Youth Scholarship Grant enabled Paul to go to New York where he studied contemporary art. Travelling in these different countries prove to have a profound influence on his work.

Recent exhibitions....

Art on Cairncross

"Strength and Subtlety"
Art on Cairncross

Paul Ching-Bor will be the feature artist at Art on Cairncross during June 2014.
The feature is called "Strength and Subtlety" and will run from June 7 to 29.

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Below are a selection of the artist's works.

Towards Southbank, Brisbane
Water medium on paper
76cm x 56cm

Pylon of the Story, Brisbane
Water medium on paper
76cm x 56cm

Goodwill, Brisbane
Water medium on paper
38cm x 57cm

From the Gateway, Brisbane
Water medium on paper
38cm x 57cm

“Streets Paddington II, Sydney”
Water medium on paper
55 x 75 cm

“Illusory Paddington, Sydney”
Water medium on paper
75 x 100 cm

“In Transit I, Sydney Harbour Bridge”
Water medium on paper
150 x 100 cm

“In Transit II, Sydney Harbour Bridge”
Water medium on paper
100 x 150 cm

“The Embankment, London”
Water medium on paper
37 x 56 cm

“George Washington Crossing I, New York”
Water medium on paper
54 x 74 cm

“George Washington Crossing II, New York”
Water medium on paper
74 x 54 cm

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