Rebecca Berrett
Painting - Pencil, Watercolours

Born: Canberra, ACT.

Artist Information
Rebecca Berrett (formerly also known as Rebecca Weyman) is a very versatile artist who as a result has had work displayed and published in a wide variety of places. Her formal study at the Adelaide College of TAFE saw her complete courses in "Lettering, Showcard and Ticketwriting " in 1981, "Children's Book Illustration" in 1984 and "Cartooning" in 1989. Rebecca is a lover of the drawn line and drawing is her preferred genre, although she occasionally paints in watercolours. Her subjects range from detailed botanical and wildlife studies to fantasy creatures to landscapes and still life. It is the fine detail, subtle tones and exquisite finish of her drawings that especially demand attention.

More recently she has experimented with scraperboard and silverpoint.

Rebecca has worked as a graphic designer and illustrator, and from 1990 to 1996 she was the calligrapher to The University of Southern Queensland, lettering thousands of graduation certificates and honorary degrees. She has taught art, notably through the University of Southern Queensland, at both their McGregor Summer and Winter Schools, and at a Community Program. By invitation Rebecca has also held workshops at several art groups and societies and is an exhibiting member of the Queensland Wildlife Artist's Society. At their inaugural International Wildlife Exhibition in 1999 Rebecca won the Best Graphite award.

Since 1987 the artist has held several solo and group exhibitions and been even busier as author and illustrator of 4 books ("The Junk Drawer" Macmillan 1988; "What I Really Think" Macmillan 1989; "Bits and Pieces" Margaret Hamilton Books and Collins Angus and Robertson 1991 and "Going Nowhere" Rigby Heinemann 1995, all published as Rebecca Berrett). During this time Rebecca also fully illustrated or contributed to 16 other books from children's stories to text books. Despite all of these commitments she has found time to study aiming to complete an Honours Degree in Wildlife Illustration.

Rebecca Berrett has work in private collections throughout Australia and in Hong Kong, Germany, Holland and the UK.

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Below are a selection of the artists work:

Twisted Pencil Postcards are prints in postcard form of Rebecca's wonderful illustrative works.

They are perfect as small frame.....or keep for yourself.

Some of the original works listed below have been also made into postcards.

Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to contact the gallery for prices of Rebecca's work and more information about "Twisted Pencil" postcards.

"The Courtship"
Pen, Ink and Watercolour
20 x 20cm

"Keeping Lookout"
Pen, Ink and Watercolour
22 x 22cm

"Beach Babe - Rachel series"
Pen, Ink & Watercolour
20 x 20cm

"Storm Blowing In, New England"
16 x 28cm

"The White Wall"
20 x 31cm

"Roadside Mail Delivery"
30 x 22cm

"Mon Repos"
12 x 22cm

"Abandoned - Spring Creek"
Pen, Ink and Watercolour
19 x 27cm

"Woodville Border Leicester"
15 x 22cm

"Two Leaves"
33 x 13cm

20 x 20cm

“Orchard Butterfly”
Imagon, Ltd. Edition 3/15
20 x 29cm

“Banksia Integrifolia”
Coloured Pencil & Graphite
20 x 15cm

“Red Powder Puff”
Coloured Pencil
33 x 27cm

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