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Brian SPENCER was born in Kent, England, and studied at the London College of Art before arriving in Australia in the fifties to begin a successful career as a freelance commercial artist in Melbourne. In 1980 he moved to Queensland to become a fulltime artist. His idyllic retreat on Makepeace Island in the middle of the Noosa river provides SPENCER with constant inspiration. His genius at evoking the dynamic mysterious spirit of nature, his unconventional style described as "neo-impressionism" and his unusual medium of oil and enamel make his paintings truly unique.

Feelings of excitement and involvement exude from SPENCER'S paintings. Viewers sense a thrill as they sneak a close up of wild birds and animals in their natural enviornment. His yachts convey the tenseness and excitement of the moment at rounding the buoy with spinnakers billowing. So intrigued were three galleries on the Hawaiian Islands with his artstyle that he now regularly supplies them with yachting paintings. It is not surprising therefore that SPENCER'S paintings are much in demand and can be found in private and corporate collections throughout Australasia and from the French Riviera to New York.

SPENCER'S individual Style has resulted in many highlights - perhaps the major one being commissioned to paint a mural 50 metres long by 2.4 metres high depicting the Great Barrier Reef, in 1988. In May 1995 in conjunction with the America's Cup challenge SPENCER was invited, as one of three Australian artists, to exhibit his yacht paintings at an international exhibition in San Diego. Also in 1995 SPENCER came to the attention of a large Japanese corporation which has galleries in Japan and Hawaii and was put under contract to make annual promotional visits to Japan.

SPENCER now divides his time between Australia and Hawaii where the Hawaiian influence of sunrises and sunsets has become evident in many of his paintings.

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March 2012

Below are a selection of the artists work:

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“The Senate Debate”
Oil & Enamel on Canvas
100 x 80cm

“Dance of Love”
Oil & Enamel on Canvas
80 x 110cm

“The Three Tenors”
Oil & Enamel on Canvas
80 x 68cm

"Black is Beautiful"
Oil & Enamel on Canvas
81cm x 109cm

"Love at First Sight"
Oil & Enamel on Canvas
100cm x 123cm

"She Flies Virgin"
Oil & Enamel on Canvas
80cm x 110cm

"Wings at Sunset"
Oil & Enamel on Canvas
91cm x 122cm


"Tick Tack"
Oil & Enamel on Canvas
81cm x 68cm

“Sailing into Trouble”
Oil & Enamel on Canvas
103 x 79cm

“Just in Time”
Oil & Enamel on Canvas
63 x 79cm

“Moment of Truth”
Oil & Enamel on Canvas
63 x 79cm

"Big Boys Toys"
Oil & Enamel on Canvas
81cm x 109cm

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